By staying at the Cenobio dei Dogi Hotel you will have great opportunities to discover and relish the wonderful surroundings.
We offer a range of exclusive activities that will allow you to appreciate the Ligurian culture, nature and traditions.
Select the experience that best fits you and allow yourself to be enchanted by the genuine beauty of this heavenly corner.

тренер по йоге


Хотите подарить Вашему телу энергию и благосостояние даже в отпуске? Мы Вас приглашаем на бесплатные занятия пилатес, которые будут проводиться в зале “Cassiopea” нашего отеля с сотрудничеством ассоциации “SerenaMente”. Занятия проходят в Июле и Августе. Советуем комфортную одежду; коврики и полотенца будут Вам выданы в гостинице.

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Бутылка вина разливается по бокалам


A journey through multiple coastal plots where owners Davide and Giuseppe will regale guests with anecdotes and insights about the local cultivations, culture, and history. They'll also showcase projects aimed at reviving ancient vineyards in the area. The wine tasting finale will take place in the cellar, offering a chance to savor Cà du Ferrà wines alongside seasonal delicacies.

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Приготовление песто

PESTO SHOW in the Tigullio Gulf – gatronomic experience – Rapal

Throughout the experience, you'll uncover the secrets of Pesto al Mortaio and explore the history of Genoa by savoring its ingredients. The Chef will guide guests through the creation of the famous Genoese pesto and lead a tasting of various extra virgin olive oils from Italy, three aged balsamic vinegars, and bruschetta with Taggiasca olives.

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масло, налитое в миску


Uncover the secrets of extra virgin olive oil with our exclusive Oil Tasting Experience in Sestri Levante. Join us for a guided tour of the olive press, where you'll explore the oil production process and taste the authentic freshness of this liquid gold. The experience is complemented by a tasting of local traditional products, perfect accompaniments to the oil we celebrate.

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Повара обрабатывают лист свежей пасты


Immerse yourself in the Ligurian culinary art with our Cooking Experience at U Giancu. Join Fausto and his staff in a delightful gastronomic adventure, where you'll prepare and savor traditional recipes, accompanied by a refreshing bottle of white wine. An experience to relish, ideal for tantalizing your taste buds and warming your heart.

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масло, налитое в миску

From Camogli to Punta Chiappa – sunset aperitif

Discover Camogli on a postcard-perfect journey: from the fishing boats in the harbor to the colorful houses along the waterfront, to the breathtaking views of San Rocco and Punta Chiappa in Portofino Park. Indulge in a refined aperitif with bubbles, pesto, and focaccia — delights that will upgrade your experience. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in this enchanting adventure among the myriad colors of the Ligurian Riviera.

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Каррарский мраморный карьер


This experience will take you into the heart of the quarries from which this renowned stone is extracted, a timeless symbol of elegance and durability. Throughout the tour, you will have the opportunity to explore the various types of marble, learning the secrets of the extraction and craftmanship that render each block unique.

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масло, налитое в миску

Portofino by the sea - Kayak, sup and Snorkling

Dive into the emerald waters of Portofino and explore the lush vegetation adorning this coastal stretch. From the sea, admire the breathtaking rock formations that tell tales of pirates and hidden treasures. And why stop there? Combine your maritime adventure with a land excursion for a complete experience. Book now and let the natural beauty and history of Portofino captivate you.

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