San Fruttuoso - Camogli

Surrounded by the lush of the Portofino Park and the crystalline blue waters of the Ligurian Sea, the Abbey stands out from the cove, enchanting everyone with its view.
No wonder it is now under FAI’s (Fund for Italian Environment) safeguard, in order to protect the beauty and its uniqueness of this magical place.
The abbey is only accessible on foot or by boat.

The abbey yesterday and today

Built in the 10th century probably by the Greek monks, the monastery (it was not an Abbey back then yet) passed to the Benedictine monks.
Throughout the years the main body has been enlarged and modified.
You can still admire the beautiful arcade facing the sea, built together with the tower.
Around the monastery rose a small village.
Today the Abbey is a museum, whereas outside the visitors can enjoy a promenade in the gardens, taste the local cuisine in the restaurants close by and, last but not least, have a swim in the cove.
Every year the Abbey attracts thousands of visitors thanks to the breathtaking views and the charming landscape.

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