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Latest Update 29th May 2020

Below are some of the changes that are being implemented for the 2022 season, a season which will be even more appreciated, which will provide greater opportunities to enjoy nature, and new ideas for the years to come.

In order to respect safe distances for all of you with a view to protecting your health as well as ours, and in accordance with current public health regulations in effect, we have voluntarily decided to limit the number of rooms available for occupation by our guests in order to facilitate social distancing requirements.
Furthermore, with the assistance of specialized consultants, we have established an anti-contagion protocol. This protocol can be viewed at the Reception area and can also be requested by email.

  • 1) Check in On Line:
    Guests will have the possibility to check in online without having to wait at the Reception desk on the day of arrival. Upon confirmation of your reservation, you will be provided with a link that will allow you to register from the convenience of your own home.
    By accessing the Client Area of your online Reservation Summary you will be able to insert all your personal identification details necessary for registration.
    Upon your arrival at the hotel you will simply be requested to show our Reception staff, through a glass partition, the document you used to register in order to confirm your identity.
  • 2) Reception:
    We have set up two Reception points to welcome a representative of each family unit in arrival.
    The pedestrian entrance/exit to Camogli (footbridge) will be closed as this will be used as a waiting area in the event both Reception points should be occupied at the same time.
  • 3) Check Out:
    Those who wish to do so will be able to check out without stopping at the Reception desk.
    By providing your credit card on check-in you may request that your hotel bill be charged directly to your card.
    You may request a copy of your bill by email, or request to have a copy delivered to your room the evening prior to your departure.
  • 4) Keys:
    All room keys will be sanitized upon your arrival and delivered to you in a sealed envelope.
  • 5) Luggage:
    Your luggage will be delivered as far as the door of your room. Our porters will wear a clean pair of gloves for every delivery.
  • 6) Room Cleaning:
    Our specialized technicians have designed a program for disinfecting and sanitizing the rooms. Each guest’s room will be disinfected during their stay. Following their departure, each room will be completely aired out and sanitized, as will all the surfaces in the room.
    Upon completion of the sanitizing procedures in the room, a seal will be affixed to the door. Those who wish to review the cleaning procedure may do so at the Reception desk or request a copy by email.
  • 7) Pillows:
    Pillows will be disinfected and sanitized following each check-out. This entails removing them from the rooms, sanitizing them, and sealing them in individual bags.
    New pillows are available, on request, at the cost of 15 euro each.
  • 8) Linens:
    All linens are washed and sanitized by a certified anti-Covid-19 laundry service. A copy of the certification is available for viewing at the Reception desk.
  • 9) Air conditioning
    The Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi is equipped with all season climate control. The system runs on heat pumps that feed fan coils installed to exclusively serve each individual unit; there are no centralized internal air distribution systems serving multiple environments.
    In view of the fact that the first step in maintaining an ideal microclimate is the natural circulation of fresh air, hotel staff have been instructed to make sure that all areas with doors and windows that open to the outside be kept open as much as possible, while avoiding to create drafts that might disturb some guests.
    The internal heating units (fan coils) that serve the guest rooms and common areas are equipped with filters that are cleaned in accordance with the maintenance schedules and procedures set forth by the Italian Health Institute in the document titled “Ad interim indications for the prevention and management of indoor environments relating to the transmission of infection from SARS-CoV-2 virus” dated 22nd March 2020.
    In order to ensure the highest level of transparency, the operating methods are described below:
    In each room the guest will have the possibility to regulate the desired temperature and fan speed, or may opt to switch off the fan coil completely. The filter will be cleaned and disinfected after each departure by staff trained specifically for this purpose.
    In all common areas (restaurant, bar, etc.) the primary method of ventilation will be the natural air flow from open doors and windows.
    Air conditioning will be activated, in case of necessity, to provide a comfortable environment, while still ensuring natural ventilation.
    The cleaning and disinfection of the fan coil filters, as well as the fan grills, will be carried out every 7 days, in accordance with the document issued by the Italian Institute of Health.
  • 10) Breakfast:
    In order to guarantee sufficient social distancing, we are extending our breakfast hours, which will begin at 7AM and end at 11AM.
    In order to satisfy everyone’s needs, each guest will be allowed 30 minutes for breakfast.
    Reservations are required, and must be made at the time of booking or on arrival.
    A marked path will lead you to “Il Doge” Restaurant, where our head waiters will assist you.
  • 11) Lunch:
    In order to guarantee the accurate sanitizing of the restaurant, the dining room will be closed between breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be available at the Terrace Bar and at the Beach Kiosk. Guests at the beach will be given the possibility to enjoy a simple, quick and tasty lunch from the selections available at the Kiosk, served directly beneath the comfort of their own umbrella.
    All our menus will be available online and may be viewed on our website or using the QR Code. We strongly recommend that guests reserve their lunch tables in advance.
    The restaurant, bar and kitchen areas are sanitized in accordance with the established cleaning procedures, using only the certified products indicated in the protocol.
    The certificates are available at the Reception desk, and may also be requested by email.
  • 12) Dinner:
    Dinner will be served at “Il Doge” Restaurant and on the “Terrazza Giulia.” As always, tables will be arranged at the prescribed distances.
    All our menus will be available online and may be viewed on our website or using the QR Code. We strongly recommend guests to reserve their dinner table in advance.
  • 13) Swimming Pool:
    We will follow the legal guidelines for social distancing set forth in Ordinance 30/2020 issued by the Liguria Region. Therefore, despite the ample space available, the number of places will be reduced.
    The access path to the pool has been modified in order to avoid gatherings of people. Our Guests are kindly requested to follow the indications located in each wing of the hotel.
    Exit from the pool area will be through the bar area, following the path indicated.
    In accordance with safety measures, the lounge chairs will be sanitized by our staff following each usage.
    It forbidden to occupy the lounge chairs by leaving your personal effects on them. It is not possible to reserve a specific spot.
    Before entering the pool, all Guests must shower with soap; a maximum of 25 people are allowed in the water at one time.
    We remind all Guests that even in the pool it is important to respect a distance of at least 1 meter between people.
  • 14) Beach:
    In accordance with the legal guidelines regarding social distancing set forth in Ordinance 30/2020 issued by the Liguria Region, also the number of places available on the beach will be reduced. To access the beach, you are kindly requested to follow the instructions provided in the hotel.
    In accordance with safety norms, the lounge chairs will be sanitized by our staff following each usage.
    It forbidden to occupy the lounge chairs by leaving your personal effects on them. It is not possible to reserve a specific spot.
    Beach guests will have the possibility of enjoying a simple, tasty and quick lunch comfortably seated directly beneath their own umbrella, prepared and served by our Beach Kiosk staff.
  • 15) Beach Towels:
    Each guest will be provided with two beach towels per day. These will be found both at the pool and at the beach.
    We kindly request you to place your used towels in the laundry bins provided.
  • 16) Parking:
    When possible, we suggest you locate a parking spot and park your own car on the hotel premises. Our parking attendant is available for assistance, and when handling your car he will always wear a new pair of gloves and mask.
  • 17) Masks:
    All our staff will always wear masks and, depending on their role, gloves. We kindly request all Guests to wear masks when inside the hotel, while the use of masks in outdoor areas will be at your discretion.
    It is advisable to wear a mask in areas where there is limited space between people.
  • 18) Hand gel distributors:
    You will find disinfectant hand gel distributors at the entrance to every area and open space of the hotel.
  • 19) Elevators:
    Guests are kindly requested to disinfect their hands prior to calling and using the elevator. We request that only one family member at a time use the elevator.
  • 20) Cleaning of Common Areas:
    Common areas will be sanitized by our staff, in accordance with the cleaning procedures guidelines.
  • 21) Hotel Staff:
    Our staff have followed training courses and been informed of the cleaning procedures, anti-contagion protocol and safety protocol of Federalberghi (Italian Hoteliers’ Association). All employees are provided with personal protection equipment and are periodically subjected to blood tests.
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