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Every child can participate to Cenobio Camp, a free service of summer club for kids.
Hotel Cenobio collaborates with the association SmileviL to let the kids enjoy having fun and adventurous summer.

The program
Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:
summer club activities organize by SmileviL association. Kids that would like to participate need to be at Reception at 10am or at 2pm (in case they would like to participate just for half a day), where they will be picked up by the animators.
Together with the other kids they can participate to many different courses like swim, canoa or laboratories and other amusing activities.
Everything will take place inside the club or at the beach.

From 10 am to 5 pm
Lunch break from 12am to 2pm, the kids can get back to the Hotel and re-joining the group at 2pm to resume the activities.
Alternatively they can stay at the Club and eat together with the other kids. In this case lunch has a cost of € 4,00.

Every Thursday there is a tour proposition. A new experience for the kids that join the club.
From a visit to San Fruttuoso Sanctuary to a day spent at the Aquatic Park “Bolle Blu”; from the Adventure Parks, to Chiavari’s beach.
Kids can discover many different destinations and spend a unique day.
This tour has an extra fee that changes according on the destination.

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